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Makson Fire Protection has a combined total of over 100 years in the fire protection industry.

The Fire Protection division specializes in the pre-planning, estimation, design, installation, maintenance and testing of automatic fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. We can assist with establishing job budgets and value-engineering the fire protection on your specific project, while ensuring a working code-compliant design that actually fits into your building. We have a proven track record of exceptional performance on the installation of new projects as well as service and inspection on existing properties.

Makson Fire Protection strives to provide personalized professional service to each of our customers, regardless of job size. We have done this successfully on projects ranging from single family homes, garden style apartment buildings and mixed use buildings to the “Texas doughnut” style buildings that are becoming the standard in urban areas.

We are currently licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, and Alabama.

Featured Partners

untitled Makson is proud to partner with CWSI (Commercial Wireless Systems International).  CWSI wireless fire alarm products are versatile and reliable offering the industry’s most secure fire alarm network.  To date, CWSI is the only fire alarm manufacturer that dedicates its efforts to strictly wireless fire alarm technology.

Visit http://www.cwsifire.com for more information on CWSI products.



Makson is also proud to partner with Tyco Rapid Response Sprinkler Systems.  Rapid Response Fire Sprinkler Systems provide the fire protection industry with the most complete line of products that meet all the NFPA standards.  One source for every component.  One place for complete sprinkler design and technical support.  One stop for the most innovative technology…that’s the Power of One.

Visit http://tyco-rapidresponse.com for more information on Tyco products.


Our Team

Jackie Towns, Vice President of Fire Protection
Employee since 2012

Nick Collins, Alarms Manager
Employee since 2012

Josh Seastedt, Fire Service Manager
Employee since 2012

Rodney Wilson, Vice President of Fire Protection
Employee since 2012

Jon Rhyne, Fire Sales Manager
Employee since 2015

Dawn Holshouser, Assistant to Fire Protection
Employee since 2016

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